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Yellow wolf Coffee Packaging and branding

Senior Capstone Project
Role: Designer, Illustrator and Environmental Designer


After an Alternative Break Immersion trip to El Salvador, I was inspired to create the branding of a social enterprise whose mission is to alleviate poverty in various Latin American regions through the importation and sale of coffee products in the United States. The profits would then be used to indulge in community-wide projects that maximize the social well-being with environmentally responsible methods.


The designs were heavily inspired by the different cultures, society, and environment of the four chosen Latin American countries, them being: Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, and Costa Rica. The designs are not only meant to be aesthetically pleasing, but they also aim to transport the customer into a Latin American experience where they can learn about concepts that are either not well known or ignored by the American population. Hence the audience would not only get great tasting coffee but an understanding of the chosen countries.


The project contains the branding of Yellow Wolf, as well as, the packaging of four collections that feature different aspects of the Latin American culture and lifestyle. The collections include, a Pattern Collection, which demonstrate the importance of pattern design in the indigenous’ handmade artifacts and textiles. The Terrain Collection, showcases the mountainous geography, that is not only important to their lifestyle, but it’s also extremely significant for the coffee quality. The Flora Collection, features each of the countries national plant, as well as the impact the agriculture economy has in these countries. Finally, the last collection takes time to honor famous Latin American historical characters that are often ignored and forgotten in World History.


 The collections would never be shown simultaneously, similar to a clothing line the different collections would roll out once the prior one is discontinued. Through the different collection, not only does the brand organically renews itself but it also adds an extra layer of interest for our costumers to incite them to keep buying our coffee.


The project includes a total of 48 different designs. Each collection contains, a cold brew, a coffee cup, and a coffee tin packaging design for each of the four selected countries.

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