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2014 & 2015 Holiday Posters

Client: Department of Music at Loyola University Chicago

Role: Designer, Illustrator

The following posters were created to announce Loyola's holiday annual music events, Joyola and Lessons and Carols. The posters represent the environment and mood of the events through the illustrations.


Lessons and Carols is a solemn and quiet event that takes place at the campus' church. I decided to represent this feeling by illustrating the iconic church, Madonna Della Strada, in very tranquil environments.


In contrast, Joyola is a lively music concert that concentrates on the joyful spirit of the holidays. In order to communicate this tone, I heavily relied on the use of color. In both Joyola posters, the organic shapes communicate a sense of playfulness. While the grays present in the background balance it out to reinforce the holiness of Christmas.



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